0% Emission
100% E-Mission

Imagine going through Skopje!

If your walk is too slow, or you're bored when you are blocked in traffic when traveling by bus, it's time to choose our solution, an Electric scooter.

Want to discover the city in an original, ecological and fun way? Renting an electric scooter is the perfect solution for visiting Skopje.

Easily overlaps and takes with you, you can bring it wherever you go with you. We can give you several tips (free) to get to the city center to experience Skopje.

Want to rent and test an electric scooter before you buy it?

Try a few hours or all day to be convinced of the benefits of electric scooters. We will provide you with a charger for charging your e-scooter for a period of 24 hours or more.

WEROLL offers you to rent an electric scooter BOOSTER generation from the E-TWOW brand, convenient and lightweight, which can reach 30 km/h, 30-35 km range and 25 degrees of slope, ability to climb the slope.


2 hours

15,00 € including VAT

Half a day (4 hours)

25,00 € including VAT

All day (24 hours)

35,00 € including VAT

More than 24 hours

On request

To book your electric scooter, please call us on our special reservation number

Т +389 70 391 144 or

+389 70 392 620 or

+389 70 208 891

from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:30 (available at WhatsApp and Viber), send us an email, or visit our office during business hours (9 am.-5 pm.)

Please bring a valid ID card. A deposit deposit is required for all rentals (credit card or money).

Minimum age: 16 years. Any rent made for a minor must be a person above 18 years of age. Knowledge about traffic regulations is needed.